Why CFD?

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a computer based mathematical modelling tool which can be considered the amalgamation of theory and experimentation in the field of fluid flow and heat transfer. It may be considered as an equivalent to Computational Structural Mechanics (often referred to as FEA) for flow simulations and is now a vital asset in the engineering toolkit of many organisations. CFD simulations provide information about flow and fluid properties that may be difficult or costly to obtain by measurement and which provides insight and understanding into the performance of a product or flow behaviour in a specified situation.

CFD application has spread from its origins in aerospace and power generation to include consumer goods, biomedical, pharmaceutical, building environments and many more. Where CFD was once used to predict or understand the flow performance of an existing design or condition; the most successful and productive use is now realised when it is applied early in the design process to drive designs to achieve better or more consistent performance.

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Engineering Analysis and CFD

To find out more about CFD and engineering analysis in general, NAFEMS - the independent analysis organisation - publishes several accessible publications. This includes one on CFD jargon edited by Althea and available as a free download from their website or for purchase as a softback book, as well as several other introductory and more advanced publications. There are also links to useful and relevant websites.

Pragmatic Engineering Guidance and Support

It should always be remembered that - like any other engineering tool - CFD is just that - a tool. Without valid inputs and a good engineer to perform the analysis, any result obtained is unlikely to be useful at best and could be distracting or even misleading. If you think CFD can help you but don't know where to start, find someone experienced and qualified to guide you in the right direction. Contact Quesada Solutions Ltd today.


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