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Fluids and Flow Expertise

Quesada Solutions Ltd is an established engineering consultancy based in Fareham, Hampshire, UK, offering fluids and flow related expertise relating to product design and performance.
Capabilities include:
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) guidance and support to get started with engineering analysis either in-house or using consultancy support.
Bespoke engineering and analysis training enabling you to implement and benefit from simulation driven design and optimisation.
Friendly and supportive staff development to support flow calculations and overcome design challenges.


Althea is open, honest, direct and friendly. She networks effectively and uses her contacts to get things done. She is considerate and suggests alternative ways to do things when a brick wall seems to be looming. All in all: a great person to work with!

David Kelsall

Chair of NAFEMS CFD working group since 2002
NAFEMS is an independent not-for-profit body with the sole aim of promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods such as finite element analysis, multibody system dynamics and computational fluid dynamics.


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Phone: 07742421985


Phone: 07742421985

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